We stock a small range of eco-friendly gardening products to help make your garden bloom without impacting on the environment:


• Yorkshire Flowerpots - made in Yorkshire with a 50 year guarantee against frost damage

• Scheurich houseplant pots

• Bergs Potter terracotta pots

• Portuguese terracotta pots

• Italian terracotta pots

• Locally made ceramics

Everything else:

• Melcourt Sylvagrow Peat Free Compost, and compost refills. Buy our sturdy Bag-For-Life (£2.50) to participate in our refill scheme.

• Dalefoot Peat Free Compost

• Compressed coir bricks - expand to make coir compost

• Strulch Mulch - straw based, and a slug deterrent

• 6X Pelleted Chicken Manure

• 6X Fibrous Chicken Manure

• Organic slug pellets

• Copper tape

• Shell On Earth – a by-product of the shellfish industry

• Horticultural sand and grit

• Perlite

• Maxicrop Tomato Food

• Maxicrop Seaweed

• Seed Co-operative organic seeds

• Jute twine

• Locally coppiced hazel bean poles and pea sticks

• Bamboo canes

• Coir pots – a by-product of the coconut industry, and biodegradeable