On this page you will find information about bedding plants, Spring flowering bulbs and festive stock


Living for just one year (though some can be protected over Winter e.g. Pelargoniums), these plants are suitable for baskets, pots, window boxes...or teapots, boots and colanders! A strict, old-school-style symmetrical pattern is not compulsory; experiment with bedding plants by mixing them with herbaceous perennials - grasses look fantastic with Cosmos. They can also be used as gap fillers, to replace early flowering herbaceous, or to cover the bare ankles of taller plants.

We buy our plants from two family-run nurseries in Cheshire; the quality really is exceptional. Big hits with our regulars are Scarlet and Hot Pink Bulls Eye Pelargoniums, 'Non-stop' Begonias in a range of eye catching colours, and Cosmos, which flowers from July until the first frosts. Firm favourites, Pansies and Violas, rub shoulders with the more delicate petunias, begonias and pelargoniums, all adding something to a seasonal display, whether it be height, scent, colour, contrast or WOW!

Bedding, available as packs of 6 small plants for early Spring

Viola - Pansy - Primrose - Forget-me-not

Bedding, available as packs of 6 small plants for late Spring/Summer

Non-stop Begonia - Cosmos - Dianthus - Pelargonium - Gazania - Marigold - Nicotiana - Petunia

Bedding, available as packs of 6 small plants for late Summer/Autumn

Cyclamen - Pansy - Viola - Primula

Trailing plants for pots or hanging baskets

Bidens - Brachyscome - Fuchsia - Ivy - Lobelia - Lysimachia - Nemesia - Petunia - Sanvitalia - Verbena

1 and 2 litre pots for gap filling or tubs

Scented Pelargonium - Argyranthemum (Marguerite Daisy) - New Guinea Impatiens - Begonia - Cosmos - Wallflower - Ranunculus

We sell our own homemade hanging baskets from late Spring onwards, planted up in peat free compost. If you prefer to make your own, we also sell empty hanging baskets.

Spring flowering bulbs

Early September sees the arrival of our first batch of Spring flowering bulbs – plant them right up until November and, depending on the species, they will provide you with colour from January through to May.

Allium - Anemone - Crocus - Daffodil - Dwarf Iris - English Bluebell - Erythronium - Fritillary - Hyacinths and Paper White Narcissus - Muscari - Scilla - Snowdrop - Tulip

Festive stock

Coming soon